U Light Ltd was founded in 2014, with participation of Hungarian professional investors.


The starting of the company was based on the technological boom – the breakthrough in LED technology – in the public lighting, and  the related   opportunities to obtain a high degree of energy and cost reduction. The owners had a very strong local network of contacts and market knowledge, technical expertise in project leading in the area of public lighting as well as skills of several years acquired in ESCO projects The main objective and the shareholder expectations was The main objective and an owner expectation for the professional team experienced in public lighting and in project marketing and implementation was to create a company efficient in medium term both domestically and internationally, able to occupy leading market positions among companies operating in the public lighting energy efficiency.


The main activity of U Light Ltd is implementing energy efficient public lighting investments in an ESCO (Energy Saving Co) construction. This includes – in compliance with EU definition – solutions offered to local government partners at own risk, own financing, and own operation until a return on the investment is obtained. Cost reduction is achieved partly by replacing high energy consumption lamps with energy-efficient ones, partly by upgrading maintenance, operation and supervision methods, ensuring that projects have ample return on investment. ROI is 7-8 years, consequently the loan term is 10 years, while contracts with local governments ares signed for 12-13 years.


For upgrades, we use products of renown manufacturers (e.g., TUNGSRAM-Schréder Zrt, GE Hungary Kft) that provide full warranty for lighting fixtures for the entire contract duration. We have established sound partnerships with these companies: they do not sell directly on the market, avoiding so a conflict of interest. We design projects by taking fully into account the regulations on illumination specifications for public lighting.



In 2015, we began foreign expansion in Slovakia and Serbia. We have good chances in both countries because the reference range and expertise of local companies in this area are well below ours. We have partners in both countries for market construction, sharing risks and future revenues alike. We have also implemented a new business line in Slovakia, which is the reconstruction of industrial assembly hall lighting. Return on investment figures for this product group are excellent (return on capital is between 2 and 3 years) and financing is attainable.


Based on the experience of our reference projects of industrial hall lighting in Slovakia, we are planning to introduce this product also to the markets of further countries.


We operate the following corporate governance systems:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MSZ 28001 and ISO 27001




Adress: Tinódi str. 9-11. V fl. 20. Budapest H-1095

Phone: +36 1 792 0370

Fax: +36 1 792 0371